Waiting for your personal injury lawsuit to settle can be a long, stressful process.  While you focus on your recovery and managing your pending lawsuit, you may also be worrying about how to pay your bills.  Rent, living expenses, and medical costs are all necessities that can’t wait until you’ve received your settlement.  A pre-settlement advance is designed to give you financial assistance when you need it most.

What is a Pre-Settlement Advance?

After you’ve been injured, it can take months or even years to receive a settlement, but you need money to pay medical bills and living expenses now.  It is extremely difficult to secure a traditional bank loan to cover your expenses, especially if you are unable to work due to your injury.  Credit cards may temporarily ease financial burdens, but they aren’t a long term solution.  A pre-settlement cash advance is a fast, risk-free way to have financial resources while you wait to receive your settlement.

A pre-settlement cash advance is not a loan, but rather a non-recourse investment in your case.  Unlike a traditional loan, there is no personal liability to repay the amount borrowed.  The lawsuit funder only gets repaid when, and if, you receive your settlement.  If you lose your case, you keep the money risk free.  There are also no spending restrictions on your cash advance.  You are free to use the money however you see fit, though most people use it to pay medical bills or cover living expenses, like rent and utilities, following their injury.

Receiving a pre-settlement advance may help you secure a higher settlement as well.  Insurance companies know the financial hardship that someone who has experienced a personal injury can face.  They may use your hardship as their leverage when trying to settle your case.  If you are in need of immediate money to pay for basic living expenses, you may opt to settle out of court quickly, and for much less money than you deserve.  A pre-settlement cash advance, on the other hand, can provide you the financial peace of mind you need to wait patiently while your attorney negotiates to secure you the best possible settlement.

How Does a Pre-Settlement Advance Work?

The basic criteria to qualify for a pre-settlement advance are:

  1. You have a pending personal injury case.
  2. You are working with an attorney.
  3. You are at least 18 years old.

Lawsuits resulting from injuries due to auto accidents, premises liability, and general personal injury commonly qualify for a pre-settlement cash advance.  Whether you’ve been the victim of a hit and run or the negligence of a property owner, you likely qualify for an advance on your settlement.

Managing your recovery and preparing a lawsuit can be challenging and time-consuming.  Fortunately, the process to apply for lawsuit funding is usually quick and easy.  Most lawsuit funding providers allow you to apply online or over the phone.  Your attorney will be contacted to provide information on your pending case.  A short phone call is typically all that is needed to verify the facts of your lawsuit, but occasionally your attorney will be asked to provide additional basic documentation of your case.  An underwriter will then review the facts of your case, and can issue an approval within 1-2 days.  Once you are approved for your pre-settlement cash advance, you can have the money you need quickly, often within 24 hours!

Pre-settlement cash advances range from $500-$100,000.  Funding amounts vary and are based on the value of your pending personal injury case.  Lawsuit funding providers are not banks, and therefore, should not ask to check your credit score or even verify your employment.  There is no need to worry about your own financial history before you apply for a pre-settlement cash advance.  The facts of your pending lawsuit are all that matter to pre-settlement providers.

There are many stresses associated with suffering an injury.  Concerns about money shouldn’t be one of them.  If you have a pending personal injury case and are worried about how to pay your bills, a pre-settlement cash advance may be the right choice for you.  If you meet the basic criteria, your case can be reviewed by an underwriter and funded in just a few days.  There are no restrictions on how you spend the money, and no risk either.  If you lose your case, you keep the money, no questions asked.  Apply for lawsuit funding today if a pre-settlement cash advance sounds like the right option for you.