Elder Abuse and Neglect

Lawsuit Loans for Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Cases

At Plaintiff Relief we provide pre-settlement funding for a variety of lawsuit claims arising from neglect and abuse of the elderly including;Elder Abuse

  • Sexual abuse.
  • Physical abuse.
  • Failure to upkeep hygienic conditions.
  • Failure to provide proper nutrition.
  • Bed sores.
  • Seclusion from family and friends.
  • Burns.

Nursing homes and senior citizen communities claim to provide an ideal environment for elders. However, to often members of such communities and programs are riddled with sub par customer care practices. Pre-lawsuit funding for nursing nome neglect and abuse cases is a service that provides immediate relief of monetary damages. We offer 24 hour approval and competitive rates with the following benefits, 0 upfront and monthly fees along with no employment or credit history check.

Applying for Pre Settlement Loan

Plaintiff Relief offers a streamlined method for obtaining pre-settlement funding. Nursing home neglect and abuse cases can be very time consuming. However, at Plaintiff Relief we can help you access the money you need today for medical and living expenses.

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We will contact you within 24 hours with our decision and best possible options for your pre-settlement funding needs. Just give us your information and we will be happy to contact appropriate parties (Lawyers, Doctors) to learn more about your case.

Getting Approved

Plaintiff Relief promises to consider all options available for you to qualify for a pre-settlement loan. We will not rest until we find the right loan for you;

  • 1 – Apply in seconds (free).
  • 2 – Get cash approved within 24hr (credit score not needed).
  • 3 – You and your attorney sign our acknowledgment form.

Keep in mind you do not have to pay back your pre-settlement loan if you do not win your case.

Legal and background information regarding Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Cases

Some signs to look for that indicate neglect and abuse by Nursing Homes are;

  • sudden weight loss.
  • bedsores, or pressure ulcers.
  • injuries from nursing home falls.
  • dehydration.
  • malnutrition.
  • withdrawn elder behavior or unusual changes in behavior.
  • a growing lack of friendly interaction with the nursing home staff.

Feel free to visit Nursing Homes for more detailed information regarding Nursing Home Neglect and Abuses Cases. Administration for community living along with the United States Department of Health Services provide a variety of programs to help prevent Nursing Home Neglect and Abuses;

  • Older Americans Act (OAA) and Aging Network.
  • Home and Community Based Long-Term Care.
  • Health Prevent and Wellness Programs.

Feel free to call Plaintiff Relief at (866) 301-0084 for any questions and concerns regarding Elder Abuse and Neglect we will be happy to direct and assist you with accurate and reliable information.

Why Choose Plaintiff Relief for your Elder Abuse and Neglect Cases?

At Plaintiff Relief we guarantee an unbiased and honest analysis of  your pre-settlement loan. We are dedicated to serving our community and informing them about the many problems, and options they have. Our mission is to help individuals and their loved ones in their time of need. Our loans are risk free and we have the lowest rates in the market. Call us today (866) 301-0084 or apply online.