Labor & Employment Law Pre-Settlement Funding

Tools for doing heavy labor withOften times we are unaware of the negligence of employers regarding compliance with Labor Laws. Some of the most common mistakes employers make which lead to employment related lawsuits are;

  • Misconduct or performance problems
  • Wrong employee evaluations
  • Failure to conduct effective investigations
  • Loose lips after termination
  • Failure to define at-will relationship

At Plaintiff Relief we are all about funding lawsuits and will provide pre-settlement funding for your labor/employment related lawsuit. We provide fast and reliable access to lawsuit funding. Enjoy 24 hour approval, competitive terms, and the following benefits;

  • No upfront or monthly fees
  • Credit checks are not required
  • Do not pay back your loan if you lose your case


How Does The Lawsuit Loan Process Work for Labor & Employment Cases?

Dealing with employment related lawsuits can be very hard and time consuming. Settlements take years leaving you with very little cash on hand. At Plaintiff Relief we offer fast cash loans to help you get back on your feet. Plaintiff Relief’s lawsuit funding process is paperless, fast and hassle free. Unlike regular loans, we do all the work while you focus on recovery. With Plaintiff Relief, you can expect the following three step process;

  • 1 – Call us at (866) 301-0084 or apply online
  • 2 – We will call your lawyer and learn more about your case
  • 3 – If approved, we will fund your loan in 24 hours or less via direct deposit, check, or wire transfer.


Qualification For Plaintiff Relief Pre-Settlement Loan

At Plaintiff Relief our staff is committed to funding lawsuits and qualifying your loan application. Regardless, of your credit and background we will try our best to qualify your application. The following are some reasons that may lead to employment lawsuits;

  • Not giving a reason for firing
  • Firing an employee for bad performance when the employee has good performance reviews
  • Poor timing
  • Delayed internal investigations
  • Improper response to an EEOC charge
  • Failing to follow your own policies

Our staff will do their best to review your active case and get you approved. If you are unsure whether you qualify. Call Plaintiff Relief (866) 301-0084 we will be happy to answer any questions you have.


Statistics & Information About Labor/Employment Law

Currently, various government agencies including the USDOL help regulate the employee employer relationship. Some popular topics that the USDOL addresses are;

  • Breaks and meal periods
  • Health Coverage
  • Full-Time Employment
  • Disability Resources
  • Hiring
  • Whistleblower Protection
  • Work Hours

At Plaintiff Relief our top concern is your safety. It is advised that you pay attention to the following posters within your workplace;

  • Federal Minimum Wage
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Employee Rights


Why Plaintiff Relief For Your Labor Lawsuit Loan Needs?

We are all about funding lawsuits; our goal at Plaintiff Relief is to provide you with honest and reliable case funding. Our staff will work around the clock to insure the safety and integrity of your info. Regardless of the difficulty of your case we will try our best to make sure your pre-settlement loan application is qualified.