Spinal Injury Lawsuit Settlement Advance

Spinal Injury

Spinal Injuries often carry multiple side effects however, the loss of mobility is a significant problem that restricts your ability to perform daily tasks and maintain your lifestyle. Plaintiff Relief pre-settlement cash advances are designed to help individuals suffering from spinal injuries who have an active lawsuit.

Plaintiff Relief provides fast and reliable access to lawsuit funding resulting from spinal injuries. We offer 24 hour approval, competitive terms and the following benefits:

  • Zero upfront and monthly costs
  • No credit/employment verification
  • Risk free no repayment if you lose your case

If you or a loved are a victim to spinal injury please give us a call at (866) 301-0084 or apply online for your free consultation.

How Does The Lawsuit Funding Process Work For Spinal Injuries?

Plaintiff Relief’s funding process is paperless, fast, and hassle-free. Suffering from a spinal injury in addition to dealing with the economic hardships of lawsuit can be very burdensome for you.

At Plaintiff Relief we provide you with pre-settlement funding in accordance with your case within 24 hours of approval. Although the loan funds can be used at your discretion we recommend that the loan be used for;

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Family and personal expenses
  • Attorney and court fees

Applying is very easy simply call (866) 301-0084 or apply online to initiate your pre-settlement loan process.

How To Apply & Qualify For Pre-Settlement Funding?

Our highly trained case managers will work around the clock to ensure the safety and accuracy of your loan application. We have designed a simple three-step funding process that allows us to qualify victims of spinal injuries within 24 hours;

  • Step 1 – Apply online or call (866) 301-0084
  • Step 2 – We will call your attorney and insurance agencies to determine case status
  • Step 3 – We will approve your loan and fund by 24 hours via check, direct deposit, or wire transfer

Qualification is made easy with Plaintiff Relief we will not stop until we can approve you of the pre-settlement loan that you deserve. If you are suffering from any of the following conditions you may qualify;

  • Loss of movement
  • Loss of sensation, including the ability to feel heat
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Exaggerated reflex activities or spasms
  • Changes in sexual function, sexual sensitivity and fertility
  • Pain or an intense stunning sensation
  • Difficulty breathing

Spinal Injury Statistics & Information

Our number one concern at Plaintiff Relief is the health and safety of all our clients. We encourage you to follow these preventative measures to help lesson the risk of spinal injury;

  • Drive safely (Car crashes are one of the most common causes of spinal injury)
  • Check water depth before diving into pools
  • Prevent falls
  • Take precautions when playing sports
  • Do not drink and drive

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center the distribution of the causes of SCI are;

  • Car accidents 38%
  • Slip and fall 30%
  • Sports injury 9%
  • Medical/surgical 5%

Why Choose Plaintiff Relief For Pre-Settlement Funding of Your Spinal Injury Case

Our company mission is designed to ensure personal care and attention for all clients regardless of employment status and economic background. We want to help you get the loan you need to put your life back on track and allow you to enjoy your time with family and friends.

At Plaintiff Relief we will deal with your attorney and other agencies, we want you to focus on recovering your health. Our programs are designed to protect your information and incorporates transparency within all stages of the application process. We encourage you to shop around for competitive loan rates it will be our pleasure to beat any rate.

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