Workers Compensation Loans

Workers Comp Lawsuit Loans

Workers compensation is designed to help employees recover from injuries in the workplace. States have laws pertaining to workers compensation loans. Plaintiff Relief offers advances on workers compensation lawsuits across most of the US.Workers Compensation

Plaintiff Relief provides fast and easy access to workers comp legal funding. We offer 24 hour approval, competitive terms and the following benefits:

  • Zero upfront and monthly payments
  • No credit check required
  • Risk free – no repayment if you lose your case

If you or a loved one have an active workers comp case, then please give us a call for your potential case funding needs.

How Does The Lawsuit Loan Process Work For Workers Comp Cases?

Dealing with workers compensation lawsuit can be very time-consuming and stressful. Plaintiff Relief’s funding process is online, fast and hassle-free. Unlike standard loans, we do all the work, which lets you to focus on treating. To get started, give us a call (866) 301-0084 for free consultation with helpful case manager or apply online.

When applying for lawsuit loans on your workers comp case, you can expect the following three-step process;

  1. Call us at (866) 301-0084 or apply online
  2. We connect with your law firm and determine case status
  3. If approved, we will fund your loan within 24 hours or less via direct deposit, check, or wire transfer

Dealing with the loss of job or injury can be tough. Do not waist time racking up debt or expenses call Plaintiff Relief to receive your pre-settlement fund immediately. The money you obtain from Plaintiff Relief can be used at your discretion but we encourage the below uses;

  • Loss of income
  • Medical expenses
  • Family expenses
  • Personal expenses
  • Attorney and court fees

Qualifying For A Workers Compensation Pre-Settlement Loan

Getting for a loan with Plaintiff Relief is very easy. All you have to do is apply. We research your case and try our best to get you the money you deserve.

If you have experienced any of the following within your workplace you may be eligible for a case advance:

  • Overexertion
  • Slip or Trip Falls
  • Fall to Lower Level
  • Struck by Object
  • Struck Against an Object
  • Highway Incident
  • Machinery Accidents
  • Repetitive Motion
  • Workplace Violence

Also keep in mind that we are not limited to funding solely the above mentioned workplace conditions. If you are unsure whether you qualify do not hesitate call Plaintiff Relief. We are happy to help you better understand your options.

Workers Compensation Information

Currently the Department of Workers Compensation handles all workers comp related issues. Injured at work, notify your employer right away.  If you don’t report your injury within 30 days, you could lose your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Our number one concern at Plaintiff Relief is your health and safety we urge you to follow steps in order to prevent future work related injuries:

  • Research safety issues within workplace
  • Always wear safety gear
  • Do not take shortcuts
  • Inspect and maintain all tools
  • Monitor safety measures
  • Keep an orderly workplace

Why Choose Plaintiff Relief For Your Settlement Funding Needs?

At Plaintiff Relief we understand your situation. Our lawsuit loan programs are designed to cater to your needs while keeping your case info private. We are here to help you 24/7. Our funding requires little input from you, which allows you to focus on your health and recovery.

At Plaintiff Relief we pride ourselves on putting the plaintiff first. We promise to help you get the pre-settlement funds that you desire so you get back on track with your life.